Brand: Family Bed
The use of the rebond mattress in medical cases such as back pain and bear all weights Specifications of the rebound mattress Containing A layer of double net treated cloth A block of crushed, pressed sponge, treated with special materials for toughness (compressed sponge), density of 80. A layer of Vaseline. A layer of high-quality cotton, a roller upholstered under the outer cloth, a layer of cotton thickness (2 cm) a summer face
SKU: FBMREB90-15/20/25-F
Vendor: Family Bed
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Products specifications
Mattress Height15 cm or 20 cm or 25 cm
Mattress Width90 cm
Comfort GradeHard
Mattress Length190 cm ~ 200 cm
Mattress TypeFoam
Foam TypeCompressed (Medical) Foam
Comfort GradeHard