Coil Mattresses

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Picture of Green


From 2,118.00 (EGP)
Picture of Green Pillowtop

Green Pillowtop

From 2,648.00 (EGP)
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This is one of the best mattresses that is offered from 4Bed, Please choose the required size from the below
From 1,505.00 (EGP)
Picture of Extra Gold

Extra Gold

Janssen Gold Mattress Has A Construction From Connected Carbonic Springs. In Addition, It Contains An Isolated Felt To Protect It And A Sponge Layer.The Double Face Consists From A Sponge Layer 25 Kg Density And Each Layer Is 1.5 Cm. Imported Fabric Features With Anti-Bacteria And Against Cimex Lectularius.
From 1,420.00 (EGP)
Picture of Bounty  4Bed

Bounty 4Bed

European-made zipper with a layer of Vaseline combined into five sections and two different zippers to provide support for each area of ​​the body. The first distribution took the shape of the bee cell to suit the most weighty area, the head and the middle, due to the lack of spaces between the springs. The second distribution came in flat lines to suit the lighter area, the shoulders and legs.
From 3,370.00 (EGP)
Picture of Class  4Bed

Class 4Bed

From 2,290.00 (EGP)
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