Mattress topper Memory Foam Family Bed 160 cm width

Brand: Family Bed
Family Memory Foam Soft Mattress 5 / cm
Vendor: Family Bed
3,000.00 (EGP)
i h
Delivery date: 3 - 10 Days

Mattress topper Memory Foam family bed Hight 5cm

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Picture of Janssen Cotton Marriott Width 160 cm

Janssen Cotton Marriott Width 160 cm

It is a different type of mattress for those who suffer from back and neck pain, Marriott is a mixture of high-density (medical) sponge, a layer of sponge and a layer of cotton, it gives you stability in sleep with support for the back vertebrae. It is a chassis of compressed medical sponge To ensure that there is no drop in the mattress, in addition to it being treated against rust A layer of compressed medical ruboid sponge, as we contain aniseed sponge And the cotton layer, which makes the mattress more comfortable The felt layer is a thermally compressed cotton that acts as an insulator between the sponge layers and the sponge layers A layer of 1.5 cm sponge, density 20 + layers A layer of yansen sponge 4.5, density 28 faces, a layer of cotton on each face, and it also contains two sides for more comfort. Compressed medical rebound sponge, density 90 Sponge 1 cm density 20 + Vaseline 20 grams Double net fabric treated against bacteria and bed bugs Ventilation holes are located on both sides of the mattress and distributed in a thoughtful way to ensure Good and complete ventilation inside the mattress, leaving no room for unpleasant odors or mold inside the mattress.
4,490.00 (EGP)