Janssen Sweet Dreams width 120 cm

Brand: Janssen
The Mattress Has A Construction From Connected Carbonic Springs. In Addition, It Contains An Isolated Felt To Protect It And A Sponge Layer.The Double Face Consists From A Sponge Layer 25 Kg Density And Each Layer Is 1.5 Cm. Imported Fabric Features With Anti-Bacteria And Against Cimex Lectularius. It is a chassis of connected zippers that makes the mattress more comfortable and comfortable To ensure that there is no drop in the mattress, in addition to that it is treated against rust A layer of rejuvenated sponge that makes sleeping more enjoyable And the cotton layer, which makes the mattress more comfortable The sponge layer that acts as an insulator between the sponge layers and the other layers of sponge Spring per meter 130 And isolates the sound of the zipper. A layer of 1.5 cm sponge, density 20 + layers A layer of Janssen sponge 3, the density of 28 faces, a layer of cotton on each face, and it also contains two sides for more comfort. Sponge 1 cm density 20 + Vaseline 20 grams Double net fabric treated against bacteria and bed bugs Ventilation holes are located on both sides of the mattress and distributed in a thoughtful way to ensure Good and complete ventilation inside the mattress, leaving no room for unpleasant odors or mold inside the mattress. More about this source textSource text required for additional translation information Send feedback Side panels
Vendor: Janssen
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Products specifications
Mattress Height 24 cm
Mattress Width 120 cm
Mattress Length 190 cm ~ 200 cm
Mattress Type Sprung
Coil Type Connected Coils
Foam Type Normal Foam
Comfort Grade Medium
Sides Two Sides
number of zippers springs per squres metre 130
Insulating Layer A layer of cotton felt on each side
Mattress Layer A layer of Janssen sponge 3 cm density 28 for the winter face and a layer of cotton for the summer face
Caponett Sponge 1.50 density 20 + fiber 200 gm
Mattress Fabric Type High quality woven fabric
border sponge 1 cm density 20 +vaseline 20 grams
Additional details Four handles for easy movement Four ventilation holes to keep the air fresh inside
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