Taki Relax pillow 160 cm

Brand: Taki
Taki Relax pillow 160 cm
SKU: TRP-160
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Products specifications
Pillow Width 160 cm
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Janssen Medebeedk Width 160 cm

The MEDE BEEDK mattress is characterized by a separate spring that gives the body comfort and high quality. It is also characterized by a memory foam layer, which gives the body comfort, helps maintain the spine, prevents back and neck pain, and also contains a memory foam layer that gives softness and deep sleep. It is a chassis of separate springs made of reinforced steel To ensure that there is no drop in the mattress, in addition to that it is treated against rust In addition to the wire that connects the springs to each other in a certain way so as to ensure The springs do not go outside the chassis, and the number of springs is 255 per square metre The felt layer is a thermally compressed cotton that acts as an insulator between the zipper and the sponge layers So that there is no friction between the zipper and the layers above it, and it gives rigidity to the mattress And isolates the sound of the zipper. A layer of 1.5 cm of sponge, density of 20 + a layer of fiber, 200 grams Janssen sponge layer 4 cm density 70 face cotton layer on each side A layer of super soft Janssen sponge, thickness of 30, from each side Sponge 1 cm density 20 + Vaseline 20 grams It also contains one side for more convenience Double net fabric treated against bacteria and bed bugs Ventilation holes are located on both sides of the mattress and distributed in a thoughtful way to ensure Good and complete ventilation inside the mattress, leaving no room for unpleasant odors or mold inside the mattress.
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