Rebond 4Bed 150 cm Width

Brand: 4Bed
SKU: 4BMRB-150-15/20/25-F
3,275.00 (EGP)
i h

Components: Block of sponge and compressed and treated with special materials for the solid (compressed sponge) density 80.

A layer of petroleum jelly.

A layer of sponge upholstered with a thickness cloth 1 cm double-sided.

A layer of Viper Rolled up under the outer cloth thickness of the fiber (2 cm) winter face.

High quality cotton layer. Lined upholstery under outer cloth. Cotton thickness (2 cm).

A layer of fabric is treated according to the international specifications of double net shirt.

Uses: Repound is used in medical cases such as back pain or the need for the patient to sleep on the mattress hard and advised by the doctor for those suffering from back pain