Platinum 110 cm width

Brand: Family Bed
The mattress of comfort means with you. All conditions are summer with you, winter with you, soft with you, tough with you, you cool, and of course it is large and its garden is separate means everyone on the rank has his freedom far from the other, and of course the springs are wrapped from the inside and with high quality according to international standards
Vendor: Family Bed
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Delivery date: 3 - 10 Days

1- High quality Double knit fabric grade.

2- High quality fiber grade weight 400 g\m2 for winter or cotton grade weight 350 g\m2 for summer.

3- Spun bonded non woven fabric weight 20 g\m2.

4- High density foam grade Specially imported thickness 40 mm.

5- High density foam grade thickness 25 mm.

6- Hard felt grade weight 800 g\m2.

7- High density foam girders on four mattress’s sides.

8- Steel chase fixed to the mattress’s frame.

9- Heat treatment was applied to the steel Pocket springs frame.

10- A layer of 100% cotton 1cm thickness (summer face)

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The most important characteristic of the Family Bed hips over its counterparts in the market is that it is made of premium cotton fabrics and stuffed with ball fiber filling produced on the latest pellet making machines, so that the hips give a beautiful shape and extend the life of the hips with long use.
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