Brand: Spring Air
The LATEX ZON mattress contains a connected spring that gives the body more comfort. It also contains a sponge layer that gives the body softness and relaxation. It also contains a latex layer, which gives high quality and more durability, and is characterized by a soft face, which makes sleep deep. The latex layer is 18 cm divided by 7 zones, which means there are 7 pressure zones as a support For the spine (head/shoulder/back/middle/thigh/knee/foot) and larger The pressure area is the middle area because it is the heaviest part in the human body (it is a liquid). It looks like milk extracted from some rubber trees, and it is a natural medicinal substance It is suitable for all body positions and prevents the body from absorbing heat during sleep Adapts to body temperature and flexibility, encases the body with optimal support and causes It is sensitive to the respiratory system and distributes body weight evenly and relieves pressure from The vertebrae of the spine and removes pressure points and is also treated against bacteria and brushes (.
SKU: SAMLZ-170-18-SP
Vendor: Spring Air
32,090.00 (EGP) incl tax
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Delivery date: 8-14 days
Products specifications
Mattress Height 18 cm
Mattress Width 170 cm
Mattress Length 190 cm ~ 200 cm
Mattress Type Sprung
Coil Type Connected Coils
Foam Type Normal Foam
Featured Layer Latex
Comfort Grade Soft
Insulating Layer layer of latex
Fabric type Imported high-quality fabric that is anti-bacterial and against bed bugs
Additional details Four handles for easy movement and ventilation holes to prevent bacteria and bed bugs