Spring air joupy 120 cm

Brand: Spring Air
The JOUPY mattress contains a separate spring, which gives the body more comfort. It also contains a sponge layer that gives the body softness and relaxation. It also contains a latex layer, which gives high quality and more durability, and is characterized by a soft face, which makes sleep deep. It is a chassis of coated springs (pocket coil) made of steel reinforced to ensure The absence of any drop in the rank, in addition to it being treated against rust, and the goal is to Encapsulated, meaning that each zipper is individually wrapped in order to give a completely separate movement At a rate of 100%, the number of zippers is 254 zippers per square meter, and the higher the number The zipper has increased its absorption of heavy weights, and the coated spring chassis has a special feature 3 zones i.e. there are 3 areas of pressure as support for the spine (head area (middle/legs) and the largest area of ​​pressure is the midsection because it is the heaviest part of the The human body (chassis height 17 cm) 2 layers of soft sponge 1.5 cm The latex layer is 3 cm between the sponge layers It is a milk-like liquid extracted from some rubber trees, and it is a medicinal substance Natural, that is, adapted to the body temperature and flexibility, giving the body perfect support It relieves pressure on the vertebrae of the spine, removes pressure points, and is also a healer against bacteria A layer of 200 grams of fiber ensures the passage of air inside the mattress Double Net Cloth) Two-layer fabric treated against bacteria and bed bugs and treated Specifically for allergy sufferers and retardant. Ventilation holes are located on both sides of the mattress and distributed in a thoughtful way to ensure Good and complete ventilation inside the mattress, leaving no room for unpleasant odors or mold inside the mattress
SKU: SAMJO-120-27-SP
Vendor: Spring Air
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Delivery date: 8-14 days
Products specifications
Mattress Height 27 cm
Mattress Width 120 cm
Mattress Length 190 cm ~ 200 cm
Mattress Type Sprung
Coil Type Pocket Coils
Foam Type Normal Foam
Featured Layer Latex
Sides One Side
Comfort Grade Medium
number of zippers The number of springs per square meter is 254
Insulating Layer layer of latex
Fabric type Two layers of treated fabric against bacteria and bed bugs
zipper height 17 cm
Additional details Four handles for easy movement and ventilation holes to prevent bacteria and bed bugs