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    Doudo 150 cm width

    Brand: Taki
    SKU: TAKMDUDO-150-30-SP
    5,304.00 (EGP)
    i h
    Delivery date: 2-7 days
    Type: Spring
    ·         Composition:
    o   Spring frame
    o   Felt layer
    o   Foam layers( Medical + compressed)
    ·         Foam type and density:
    o   75kg/m3 compressed polyurethane foam.
    o   25kg/m3 profile polyurethane foam.
    ·         Characteristics:
    o   Height 30cm
    o   Quilted fabric with foam 16mm and fibre 6 onz plus supper soft spong
    o   4 handles and 4 vents
    o   Corner and center spring supporters
    ·         Options:
    o   TBH 4 cm.
    All sizes available