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    Extra 4Bed 100 cm Width

    Brand: 4Bed
    SKU: 4BMEX-100-26-SP
    2,555.00 (EGP)
    i h
    Delivery date: 2-7 days

    Components: European chassis with Spanish specifications 14.5 high.

    Zippers 2.2.

    A solid cadre surrounds the chassis to support the chassis and give it a longer lifespan.

    Apply a double-sided insulator to isolate the sponge from the chassis and give the hardness to the mattress.

    The thickness of 7 cm thickness of a very high density around the perimeter of the edges of the chassis in order to give the user comfort and support more on the outskirts of the salary and the lack of sense of the user staff at the ends of the salary.

    A layer of high pressure sponge double - sided density.

    A layer of petroleum jelly.

    A layer of sponge softened with a cloth thickness of 1 cm on both sides.

    A layer of fabric processed according to international specifications (DoubleNet).

    The handles are surrounded by an angle arranged for easy carrying through the sides or center.

    A layer of Viper Rolled up under the outer cloth thickness of the fiber (2 cm) winter face.

    High quality cotton layer. Lined upholstery under outer cloth. Cotton thickness (2 cm