Spring air Cherry 90 cm Width

Brand: Spring Air
The mattress is characterized by a separate spring that gives the mattress high quality and complete comfort. It also contains a sponge layer that gives comfort and pleasure in sleeping and a latex layer that makes the mattress more comfortable and a soft layer for more pleasure in sleeping. It is a chassis of coated springs (pocket coil) made of steel The reinforcement to ensure that there is no drop in the rank in addition to being treated against Rust and the target is that it is wrapped, meaning that each zipper is individually wrapped in order to give movement Completely separated by 100% and the number of springs is 254 zippers per square meter The greater the number of zippers, the greater their absorption of heavy weights and the sheathed spring chassis It is characterized by the 3-zone feature, which means there are 3 areas of pressure as support for the spine (area The head/middle/legs) and the largest area of ​​pressure is the middle area because it is the heaviest part In the human body (the height of the spring chassis is 14 cm). The layer of latex is 3 cm. It is a milk-like liquid extracted from some rubber trees It is a natural medicinal substance that adapts to the body temperature and the flexibility it contains With perfect support, it distributes body weight evenly and relieves pressure on the vertebrae Backbones(. A 3 cm layer) of Memory Foam is a dough-like material and is a medical material Artificial that takes the shape of the body during sleep and works to support the spine by Reducing pressure on the vertebrae of the spine, regulating blood circulation, and entering into Manufacture of suits for astronauts because they are shock-resistant. A layer of 200 grams of fiber ensures the passage of air inside the mattress. Double Net Cloth) Two-layer fabric treated against bacteria and bed bugs and treated (Specially for allergy sufferers and flame retardant) Ventilation holes are located on both sides of the mattress and distributed in a thoughtful way to ensure Good and complete ventilation inside the mattress, leaving no room for unpleasant odors or mold inside the mattress More about this source textSource text required for additional translation information Send feedback Side panels
Vendor: Spring Air
10,500.00 (EGP) incl tax
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Delivery date: 8-14 days
Products specifications
Mattress Height 26 cm
Mattress Width 90 cm
Mattress Length 190 cm ~ 200 cm
Mattress Type Sprung
Coil Type Pocket Coils
Foam Type Normal Foam
Featured Layer Latex
Comfort Grade Soft
Sides One Side
number of zippers The number of springs per square meter is 254
Insulating Layer layer of latex
Fabric type Two layers of treated fabric against bacteria and bed bugs
zipper height cm 14
Additional details Four handles for easy movement and ventilation holes to prevent bacteria and bed bugs